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Ceno (short for censorship.no!) is the world’s first mobile browser that side-steps current Internet censorship methods. Its peer-to-peer backbone allows people to access and share web information in and across regions where connectivity has been interrupted or compromised.

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Browse Freely

Unlock the Web

Access web content through a network of cooperating peers - even when the internet is down or censored. Install Ceno Browser today and be prepared for the next time you get 🔌 unplugged.

Grow the network - Become a bridge!

Grow the Network

Fight censorship by becoming a bridge! Install and run Ceno Browser to instantly join the network and expand the availability of blocked websites to those in censored countries.

Free and Open Source

Free and Open Source

Ceno is based on Mozilla Android Components, extended to make use of the Ouinet library - enabling third party developers to incorporate the Ceno network into their apps for P2P connectivity.