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The safest way to install CENO Browser on your Android phone is through the Google Play Store:

Get it on Google Play

Alternatively, you can install CENO via the Paskoocheh Marketplace, or download the APK directly via GitHub:

Get it on Paskoocheh Get it on GitHub

Direct Download

For advanced users or those unable to install CENO Browser via the above links, you can download the latest APK directly:

CENO Browser 1.1.0

Run this to verify that the APK has a valid signature from the certificate with the fingerprint shown below:

> apksigner verify --print-certs ceno-[…].apk
Signer #1 certificate DN: CN=equalit.ie
Signer #1 certificate SHA-256 digest: a59d20c076f6170a2c13d9ce96cd4349688f907898dfc3c89b0ae6ebe9f7edca

You can also verify the signatures of file hashes against our PGP key (with fingerprint 51BE 600C 2711 926C 865D F93F C7DC C123 F0DD B862).