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We'd love your support in making CENO Browser as useful and accessible as possible.

Run a Bridge Node

Want to help grow the network? Join the swarm!
The easy way: Android. Run CENO Browser on your Android device, and/or a spare, always-on device.
Run the CENO Docker client: Alternatively, with just one command you can set up a bridge on your computer or VPS.
OPEN A PORTAL TO THE INTERNET: Ensure UPnP is enabled on your router, or set up port forwarding.
TO SEE IF IT'S WORKING: Create and open a new Firefox Profile, and set the proxy to localhost, port 8077.
THANK YOU FOR JOINING THE SWARM! Install the CENO Web Extension and the provided certificate to test it out!

To learn more about setting up a bridge, please consult the user manual.


Help translate the CENO Browser app, web extension, user manual and website!

To get started:

Source Code

CENO is completely Free/Libre/Open Source Software. If you are interested in its source code please check the following Git repositories:

You may also be interested in the (no longer maintained) previous incarnation of CENO, built on the Freenet anonymous file sharing and content publishing network. Other inactive project-related repositories can be found at the! archive.